It's simple really.
  1. Tap into your skills, talents and values.
  2. Create a Legacy or two.
  3. Get happier!
Yup, your Legacies will make you and those around you - smile!

How to enjoy this blog?

Read 'So, just what is a Legacy?' on your right. There's a few interesting links there too.

Now... click and learn about each of these three main 'streams' of Legacy:

1. TELL your Story

Every Legacy, small to large, will fit into one of these three categories. Your new, simple, very do-able Legacies will connect you to people... and yourself. The stories here will act as catalysts for your imagination.   And we'd like to hear your Legacy story... so please tell us here.

Now that you know the three types of Legacy creation... let's hear some Legacy stories:

TELL stories

GATHER stories
CREATE stories
* I listened to this Penguin conversation on the Falkland Islands!