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If asked “What will your legacy be?” would you have an answer?

In a book to be published in mid April, 2015, Robb Lucy will show, with memorable stories, how to create a custom legacy that will enrich your life and the lives of those around you… now, while you’re living! You'll learn: 

·      ... how legacies make people happy and more fulfilled.
·       ... how legacies can be simple (a flower garden), or grand (a foundation).
·      ...   how to build multiple legacies using your values, talents, skills and resources.
·       ... how to create the ultimate legacy for your family.
·     ... the only question you’ll need to discover the priceless life-stories of your loved ones.

Prior to publishing, the comments have been very positive:

“Robb Lucy not only convinces us that we can make our lives better by creating our own legacies, he shows us how to do  it. This book is a must read for anyone seeking to live a more fulfilling life and desiring to leave a lasting legacy."
Boe Workman, CEO Communications, American Assoc. of Retired Persons (AARP)

"I couldn't believe how it caught my interest. You explained how beneficial our Legacies would be to future generations and how to get started. It’s easy to read with a humorous touch, great stories, and a sense of urgency. A terrific book."                              
Wilf Wilkinson, Past President – Rotary International

"The book is fantastic for those of us well down our path of life. But Lucy's strategies will be even more influential for my 20 year old and his generation. Awareness of legacies at their stage in life is powerful."     
Ted Singeris, President, Mercer Canada

"Robb's book is a generous legacy from a generous man. He gives the reader a tool - a roadmap - to ponder, probe and plan how to use our gifts and skills to have meaningful impact in the world. How wonderful a gift this is."
Barbara Grantham, President and CEO, VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

“This book is packed with insights, humour and practical guidance that will help you craft your personal Legacy and “story”… and appreciate its value for everyone, now and in the future."
Ross Mayot, VP & GM, Canadian Assoc. of Retired Persons  (CARP)

"Lucy has invented a discipline too often left to guys with tall hats, beards, or preachy voices. His book contains many of his notable qualities: explosive brilliance, wit, grace, originality and constant surprises."
Keith Spicer,  Journalist  & Author, Paris, France

"I was hooked from the opening story. Robb Lucy has a way of grabbing hold of you and not letting go. He writes with great urgency, humor and intimacy.  This is a treasure chest of ideas on the most important personal journey you will ever embark upon. You’ll be delighted."           
Jim Kouzes, coauthor -The Leadership Challenge

"This book reminds me that if I know my values, skills and passion, my Legacy can be the same as thousands of others. I don't have to worry that it’s been done before."
 Jenny Marcus, National Director, Peter Gzowski Invitationals for Literacy

"Robb is mad for Legacies. You could call him a zealot. And he wants you to create one."    
Reader's Digest

"…a thoughtful and heartfelt exploration of the importance of making your Legacy an important consideration in your everyday life.
Robert Galford, Center for Leading Organizations

"A very good, punchy read. I enjoyed doing the self-evaluation (values, skills, talents), and know that creating my legacy now - big or small - is excellent advice‎."
Mike Harcourt, Premier of British Columbia, 1991-96

Legacies Aren’t Just for Dead People is for anyone who has ever thought Do I want my life to have more purpose? Do I want to leave a mark and enjoy it now? Robb Lucy proves that legacies are for those who want to lead happy, connected and meaningful lives. Leave a Comment below if you'd like to be notified when the book is published.

There's a new blog coming in mid April, 2015... and that blog will take you to where you will find both PRINT and Kindle versions of  the book.

Bookmark us to come back then. But for now, there's some great info and stories in this blog!
It's simple really.
  1. Tap into your skills, talents and values.
  2. Create a Legacy or two.
  3. Get happier!
Yup, your Legacies will make you and those around you - smile!

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* I listened to this Penguin conversation on the Falkland Islands!